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      Timber Frame Resources & Information

      Timber Framers Guild


      A worldwide association of? timberframers, builders, homeowners, folks interested in learning more about timber framing.? A great source anyone wanting to learn more about timber frames.

      Timber Frame Business Council


      To learn more about the craft of timber framing, the TFBC has collected resources that you can use to learn more. Resources are sorted by type, including books, magazine, home shows, and links.

      Rocky Mountain Workshops


      Offers workshops in scribe fit log construction and timber framing. All of the workshops are held at the Colorado State University Mountain Campus, Pingree Park, located 55 miles west of Fort Collins, Colorado. Students and instructors live on site for the duration of the workshop; cabins are provided for each class and the dining room offers all-you-can-eat meals.

      SIPA: Structural Insulated Panel Association


      A good source of info about SIPs (structural insulated panels)? which we use to enclose the timber frame structure.

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